Creating engaging and customized events to your needs.

DCPV360 offers a complete virtual platform experience. Each platform is completely customizable to the needs of the client, down to the nitty gritty, color schemes and branding placement.

Why DCPV360?
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A personalize attendee experience

Included in our platform is a unique feature, the member hub. Each attendee will be able to create their own profile as well as interact and network with others inside a directory. Like an in-person event, badges can be added to each profile. Attendees, speakers, and event hosts can communicate via the forum discussion, chat functions and other direct messaging. 

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DCPV360 has the ability to create a space for your exhibitors optimized for attendee interaction and to best suite your needs and budget. In our expo hall you can create a 2D space or an upgraded, more realistic virtual booth. Exhibitors can be tiered and customized with the following features:

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Allow attendees to be together

Are you looking for a way to allow your attendees to experience more than just watching virtual sessions? Here is the solution to a creative avenue for your event. In the virtual lounge you can learn something new, listen to a band, and chat with others in a completely conference branded space!

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Create a memory all can enjoy

Another feature that has multiple options is our Awards Hall. We have built a great 2D space that allows you to view nominees/winners, videos, and write them a congratulatory message. If you are looking for something extra, take a look at our interactive walk-through space. At their own pace, attendees can watch videos, read about the recipients, and hear chatter, giving them a realistic experience. Another bonus is being able to share this experience with friends, family, and peers. 


Get the information to plan for upcoming events

DCPV360 can provide you with information to help plan for future events with post-conference analytics. These reports will let you know which pages received the most traffic, what sessions were the most popular, how often attendees logged on, and on what device people viewed your event. 

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Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 5.54.43 PM.png


Making your job easier

These adaptive feature will help you create a memorable event for attendees while making your job less stressful and more organized. 


Our platform allows 

attendees to connect in a directory, message directly or in group chats, poll, vote, and view in real time. 


Expert help from start to finish with a project manager, AV technician, designer, streaming technicians, and technical support. 

Project Organization

Unique drive system provided for client. Speaker, exhibitor, and event information is collected with automated forms for effortless transfer of content.


DCPV360's platform is easily accessible on smartphone, tablet, and desktop.