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DCPV360 is the brainchild of two small business suppliers working in the meeting and hospitality industry—EPNAC and Pixelme Studio. Early in 2020, when our clients had to cancel their conferences and meetings because of COVID-19, times became difficult and we knew we needed to find a solution to help out. Together, we have tirelessly worked on a virtual event platform specifically designed for the meeting and hospitality industry. 
At the same time, we thought it would be a good time to introduce another solution moving forward—our 360 Tour Platform. This virtual space allows for people to gather and interact with a variety of components including Zoom rooms, games, and videos hidden within the environment. Even from the safety and comfort of our homes, we can still experience a grand world that is newly accessible to all those who want to participate. We are continually updating and developing our services to stay a forerunner in the virtual events industry. 

 We are here for you. As two small business owners that have catered to the meeting and hospitality industry for years, we know first hand how hard this is hitting all of us. Historically, amazing things have come from trying times such as these. We want to know that we did our part in finding a solution and becoming more innovative than ever. We will come out of this stronger and more together as part of our great community. Continue checking out our site to learn about some of the key elements that set our virtual event platform apart from the rest.

We are a proud member of the DC Event Coalition and stand strong with so many others in the DC Event Industry.

Want to join our team?

We work with a large creative freelancers team. If you have experience in streaming, design, or development and are interested in contracting with us, please email your information and portfolio link (if applicable) to

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